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The validated information contained in the phytosanitary data base of SINAVIMO (Sistema Nacional de Vigilancia y Monitoreo de Plagas - Argentine National System of Surveillance and Monitoring of Agricultural Plagues) holds true for the entirety of existing pests of Argentina’s main crops.

Such information defines the phytosanitary stats both of crops as well as of involved harmful agents. So far, we have analyzed and included in the data base harmful organisms for the following crops: alfalfa, apple, araucaria, asparagus, avocado, barley, blueberry, carrot, cherry, eucalyptus, fig, garlic, grapefruit, grapevine, lemon, maize, olive, onion, orange, peach, pear, pecan-nut tree , pepper, peppermint, pine, plantain, poplar, potato, sorghum, soybean, strawberry, sugarcane, sunflower, tangerine, tea, tobacco, tomato, wheat, and willow.

The foregoing data base includes only those pests existing in Argentina. Weeds have not been included due to the fact that these pests are closely related to environmental conditions or ecological niches rather than to specific crops.

Thanks to the use of logical filters, simple searches can be carried out in this database. Searches can be made by using the common or scientific name of pests as well as by means of combined searches with crops, group of crops and type of pests.

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